How to install a VirtualBox on Mac OS

By following the steps below, it’s easy to install VirtualBox on the host OS of your computer. Depending on how your hardware is set up, VirtualBox can easily run a number of guest operating systems. Instead of installing each operating system separately, Virtual Box configures a number of operating systems on the device to save memory. We can also install a variety of configurations and services on it.


  • Choose the macOS option depending on your host (either Intel or M1/M2) and download. Then go to your download folder.
  • Click on VirtualBox-7.0.4_BETA4-154605-macOSArm64.dmg and you will find the option to install it. 
  • Click on VirtualBox.pkg and you will get the installation window.
  • Press cmd+space and type VirtualBox. 

Now your VirtualBox installation on mac OS is complete. Congratulations! 


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